What medical socks should I wear for my swollen feet?

Have you ever tried medical socks to relieve your swollen feet? They are better known as compression stockings and are a great help not only for swollen feet, but also for ankles and calves.

Do not confuse this with support stockings, which are most often used after surgery. Contrary to a compression sock, it is not or not very extensible. It is therefore far from the comfort and undeniable advantages of a medical grade stocking that is better adapted for daily wear. 

Note: There are many causes of edema and medical advice is recommended, especially if the swelling occurs suddenly.

Medical compression stockings: short, mid-calf, or long?

A high quality medical compression stocking significantly improves your daily comfort and is recommended for venous or lymphatic disorders. If you choose a short stocking, it contributes primarily to supporting the arch of your foot and reducing inflammation and swelling, without going beyond the foot.

As for the mid-calf or long compression stocking, its action extends along your leg and it should provide at least these 4 additional benefits

  • Improve blood circulation and therefore help prevent or reduce swelling in the feet, ankles and calves;
  • Facilitate the elimination of toxins and promote muscle oxygenation;
  • Reduce the feeling of heavy legs;
  • Maintain its benefits even when you are stationary for several hours.

The ultimate in compression at rest and in sports

Have you noticed how we tend to neglect our feet when we should be pampering them? When they're sore or swollen and reduce our mobility and well-being, they quickly rise to the top of the priority list.

So if you want the ultimate in foot care, you've come to the right place. In addition to the benefits already mentioned, EC3D adds:

  • A precise fit like a second skin, so no chafing or irritation;
  • A product that is effective on planes, at work, at rest and even during sports;
  • A unique seamless three-dimensional compression technology; 
  • Precise calibration and targeted compression zones;
  • Arch support and increased comfort in the heel, ankle and toes thanks to padding.

Plus, our compression socks are easy to put on.

Compression, sport and venous return: pro tip

Our pro tip to help you reduce swelling in your feet: While compression stockings are great for venous return, they don't do all the work! Their benefits are just as effective, if not more so, in a sports setting. Even if it's just a daily walk, know that you're maximising the results, even in the short term, on your circulation.