New line of compression garments infused with natural ingredients

EC3D Sports launches a new line of compression clothing infused with natural ingredients to relieve chronic pain.

(Montreal, CA). EC3D Sports launches its new line of medically-infused compression garments that promote muscle recovery with Dermotex technology. This combination of natural ingredients that have been directly incorporated into the fabric provides deep penetration and a localized effect on the skin. The ingredients contained in the garments are known for their curative effects for inflammation and pain. The benefits offered by these new compression garments play a major role in recovery for anyone who suffers from chronic pain or arthritic injuries.

Infused with natural ingredients

Each of the new compression garments are infused with natural ingredients including Glucosamine, which is known for relieving joint and arthritic pain; arnica, which is known for its anti-inflammatory effect and for relieving joint and muscle pain; Boswellin®, which offers anti-inflammatory benefits; and creatine, which helps supply energy to muscle cells and aids in muscle contraction.

Printed inside the garments

The natural active ingredients are printed inside our compression garments and released when worn. Mixing natural products helps reduce inflammation and pain during your exercise and afterward during your recovery phase. More about our innovative technology.

The medicated compression garments have the same compression technology as EC3D Sport’s other garments. This is the unique and different way of improving our products and helping active people relieve their pain comfortably and efficiently. Our products have different compression zones to provide support to different body parts as well as a reduced compression zone to remove pressure directly on them. Designed for the ankle, knee, elbow and wrist joints, our products help relieve pain and tension.

Fully made in North America all the compression products include a 6-month warranty. EC3D produces the most innovative compression garments on the market to improve customer’s performance and recovery.

Medicated compression garments


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