The only North American manufacturer of high-performance, medical quality and seamless compression socks and garments. Calibrated on site. Unique, personalized design.

Your best personalized, all-in-one solution

One of our strengths is our ability to put ourselves in your shoes. Over time, the special relationships we have with our clients have helped us develop the best personalized, all-in-one solutions. 

  • Do you have high expectations? Ours are even higher.  
  • Do you have an idea? We have the team to help you make it happen.
  • Would you like a variable size chart? We’ll adapt.
  • Are your timelines short? We can produce 24/7.
  • Are you concerned about quality and results? We are even more so. That’s why we choose highly skilled employees to be part of our team. 

We have 100% confidence in our expertise, our equipment and our products.

Compression calibrated and gauged with precision

We’re the only North American manufacturer with the equipment and expertise on site to accurately measure compression calibration (mmHg).* 

This crucial quality control step is part of our range of services. 

  • You avoid paying the astronomical fees of analyses in external labs and lengthy delays. 

And we have more surprises in store for you!

EC3D products have been tested and approved by our team of partners made up of various health experts (physicians, chiropractors, orthotists, etc.) and amateur, professional and Olympic-level athletes.

*Health Canada establishment licence with Class 1 medical device endorsement and Food and Drug Administration FDA) licence.

Joint product creation: our expertise, your brand

If you’ve looked over our products, but there’s nothing like what you have in mind, tell us about your project!

EC3D knows everything about compression. We can accompany you through the process of designing compression garments of the highest quality, at more affordable prices

Together, we can explore various options, starting with your initial idea. Place your trust in our team; it’s brimming with creativity and can provide you with sound advice.

Innovation, originality, design and creativity

Just like you, we always try to excel and be a market leader. Originality, creativity, design and boldness are key innovation qualities. For more than 15 years, we’ve been putting those qualities to good use in our business to make the best compression socks and garments for you, our customer:

  • High performance
  • Seamless
  • Medical quality
  • Calibrated
  • Optimized for body biomechanics
  • As comfortable as a second skin

Specialization in research and development: support to obtain government grants

Our specialization in research and development is a valuable asset for our clients. We can guide you through the administrative process to help you obtain government grants to create the project you have in mind. 
Your project remains your responsibility at all times, but we’re always ready to listen and share our experience with you.

From the idea stage to delivery at your door

The EC3D factory has all the equipment and staff needed to design, customize, produce, package and deliver your line of compression socks and garments. 
  • On-site sewing plant (regular, overlock, flat seam, two-needle and sonic sewing machines).
  • Various types of circular knitting equipment.
  • Graphic design and customization team.
  • Design team for your products and packaging.
  • Thread experts team (composition, use, special characteristics).

Working vertically helps to reduce delays and perform effective quality control at every stage in the process. Throughout the project, you’ll feel as if EC3D had become your company.

Five-step quality control process

We ensure product conformity and quality at every stage in the process and always seek your approval for an optimum final product. 

  1. Sending of samples for prototype approval.
  2. Fabric creation as per the design.
  3. Washing and drying.
  4. Finalization of the sewing plan.
  5. Inspection of each garment before packaging.

Why circular knitted fabric (seamless) technology?

How our circular knitting and more than 25 years of experience is a definite advantage? The weaving possibilities are limitless for a fully custom-made experience:

  • Distinctive mesh types.
  • Various weaving zones with various compression effects.
  • Multiple textures and fullness for maximum comfort.
  • Unique styles and personalized compression.

Smart, antimicrobial textile fibres

Each textile fibre used by EC3D has a specific function and benefit. Not only can we create compression garments, but we can also incorporate conductive fibres connected to an external technology to measure vital functions such as heartbeat.  

Spandex: modular elasticity, customized compression, comfort, form-fitting, ability to return to original shape.

Nylon: low water absorption, resistant, tensile strength, comfortable, durable and soft.

Polyester: easy-care, low water absorption.

Silver: natural antibacterial agent, kills 99.9% of bacteria.

Copper: antibacterial properties, odour-eliminating, helps skin regenerate faster, smart garment component.

Merino wool: ultra-light, breathable and comfortable in cold and hot weather (up to 30°C).

Our reward is our clients’ trust

The majority of our clients come to us by word-of-mouth. We’re proud of the trust they place in us by recommending our services. 

They know that we treat every client attentively. No project is too big or too small!

EC3D, an environmentally responsible company

EC3D cares about the environment as much as you do. Reducing our environmental footprint is one of our intrinsic values. 

  • Waste reduction: Circular knitting technology significantly reduces fabric waste.
  • Less transportation: Raw materials are sourced mostly in North America.
  • Labour: We hire local workers and offer them excellent working conditions.  

No customs charges

Since EC3D mostly uses Canadian and American raw materials, our products comply with the  Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA)* and are duty-free.