EC3D is the only Quebec company carrying medical quality, high-performance and seamless compression garments.


In 2005, seamless knitting expert Michelle Simon started her business. She co-founded the company with her daughter Carine Villeneuve, brothers Gilbert and Daniel Ayoub, the co-founders of Gildan, the world’s largest T-shirt manufacturer, and surgeon Dr.Jean-Raymond Spénard.


With more than 35 years of expertise in seamless designand research and development, EC3D is at the forefront of the market in three specialized areas: medical,orthopedic and sports.

Health and well-being are the focal point of ec3d design and innovation

In the beginning, with the creation of its AngelCare line, the company addressed a post-surgery recovery need. The positive results quickly led to the creation of the EC3D sports line of perfectly calibrated compressive garments to improve post-physical activity recovery. TheEC3D orthopedic line is a natural complement with products for the most common sports injuries.

The prime objective of each new design is comfort, well-being and user satisfaction, while maximizing biomechanical functionality (stability, muscle alignment, etc.) from a prevention, recovery and healing perspective. That’s why compressive garments made with EC3D’s three-dimensional engineering technology are developed in partnership with a network of health experts (physicians, chiropractors and orthotists) and athletes at all levels.

Having the support of these high-profile athletes and physicians has enabled us to:

  • Scientifically validate our processes;
  • Take innovation to a higher level;
  • Test our products with consumers under the watchful eyes of health professionals;
  • Develop products that take actual expertise in physiology into account;
  • Stay ahead of the curve in terms functionality and possible areas of application.

Our research and development expertise allows us to:

  • Remain in the forefront of our industry;
  • Offer unique products specially created to maximize performance and recovery;
  • Attract a clientele seeking our expertise to create lines of custom-made and personalized compression garments.

A catalyst in the development of the compression garment

The uniqueness of our garments in terms of quality, innovation and calibration precision (from 20 to 25 or 25 to 30mmHg) has impressed the medical world and forced the market to adapt and evolve, especially since our products are more affordable for our customers and ourEC3D orthopedic line is covered by most private insurers and the RAMQ, the SAAQ and the CNESST. They are also certified by Health Canada and the FDA as a Class 1 medical device.

A 100% Quebec design

From the idea stage to delivery, the products designed by EC3D are 100% made in Quebec. Most of the raw materials are sourced in North America. The design, knitting, calibration and all of the testing are carried out at the head office in Laval and our invaluable suppliers are local. We believe it is a question of reducing our environmental footprint by scaling back transportation and providing outstanding quality control from the beginning to the end of the process.

How the twist compression sock was invented

It’s well known that when you feel passionate about what you do, you think about it day and night. Co-founder Michelle Simon, tapping into her considerable creative talent, came up one day with a new concept: a compression sock with adjustable compression. These unique socks allow athletes to change the compression of their socks “with just one twist” to reduce aches and fatigue.

We still see companies, even world-class companies, creating products similar to ours. But their designs don’t take into account the human body’s complex biomechanics or comfort, mobility and the medical aspect, which require a meticulous approach and expertise.

1 Without prejudice, depending on the diagnosis and the medical prescription.

2 Food and Drug Administration in the United States.

3 RAMQ, SAAQ, CNESST and Health Canada in Quebec only.

EC3D: 2005 to the present

2005 – Company founded by Michelle Simon, Carine Villeneuve, Daniel and Gilbert Ayoub (co-founders of Gildan) and Dr. Jean-Raymond Spénard.

2006 – Creation of first AngelCare line products.

2007 – Creation in parallel of the first EC3D orthopedic and EC3D sports compression garments.

2007 – Arrival of an angel investor from Chicago: Magellan Development.

2008 – First joint development contract with a company seeking our compression expertise for a line of triathlon garments.

2009 – Impressive entry into the medical compression garment market with the only products calibrated between 20 and 25mmHg.

2009 – New look created for our K’meleon sports line, which is renamed EC3D Sport.

2010 – First Twist compression socks invented: revolutionizes post-sports activity leg recovery.

2016 – Second Twist compression socks invented to correct or reduce supination and pronation, while minimizing discomfort due to minor foot problems (e.g., false flat feet).

2020 – Creation of a unique reusable and washable mask.