Compression on planes is beneficial: avoid swollen feet!

Compression on planes is beneficial to avoid swollen feet. All you need to do is put a pair of quality medical grade compression socks on during your trip. You’ll feel the benefits immediately.

It’s highly suggestible to bring more than one pair, as you can also use them on a daily basis during your vacation, as much for activities requiring physician movement as those where you will be more stationary. 
In both cases, compression on planes is beneficial for your feet:
  • Complete support of the arch of the foot and the ankle;
  • Improvement of blood circulation;
  • The reduction of inflammation of the feet;
  • The elimination of toxins resulting from any physical activity;

Is wearing compression socks on planes for you?

The feeling of swollen feet or heavy legs during regular activities should alert you to the need for compression socks on planes. This phenomenon usually occurs when sitting or standing for a long period of time.

Heavy legs on the daily

If you suffer from heavy legs on a daily basis, don't wait until your next plane ride, try compression socks now. Compression on planes is beneficial and you’ll benefit from their numerous health advantages. 
It’s important to note that even if you do not suffer from heavy legs daily, this is not a guarantee that you will experience a swelling free plane ride. If you've never flown before, it's best to be prepared and have a pair of compression socks on hand for your plane ride.  

I’ve never been on a plane

Altitude has many effects on the human body as Dr. Alves, who was interviewed for a Reader's Digest article, testifies. This is why compression on planes is beneficial!  Swollen feet are common and can be the result of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), as reported by specialists at McMaster University. 
While compression is recommended to promote circulation and reduce the risk of blood clotting, a visit to your family doctor is a must before your trip to receive a personalised recommendation from a health professional.

Which compression socks should I choose for my trip?

Which compression socks should you choose for your trip? EC3D provides you with a plethora of stylish compression socks, all uniquely stitched and the option of class 1 medical grade compression certified by Health Canada and the FDA. And most often, your compression socks will be fully reimbursable by RAMQ and most private insurance companies 

Talk about a stylish sock!

No more plain beige compression socks! Today, in addition to quality, you have diversity! Short, mid-calf or full-length socks, you can choose from the black Universal socks, the classy Swift style or the various colours of Twist socks. The latter allows you to benefit from a two-fold calibration; performance and recovery. 

A sock that will remain useful even after my trip

Compression stockings are ideal if you are looking for immobility, but are not limited to it. They also help prevent injuries and reduce foot pain associated with any physical activity, regardless of its intensity. Whether it’s recovering from an intense marathon or preventing injury during your 9-5.

A comfortable sock please!

At EC3D,we wear our compression socks and garments. We are therefore able to guarantee their unmatched comfort . 
  • No seams;
  • Fibers that keep you dry;
  • No irritation or chaffing;
  • And much more.

A bonus, you can shop for them online! Enjoy your shopping and safe travels!


1 FDA (Food and Drug Administration) aux États-Unis.

2 RAMQ, Santé Canada au Québec seulement.

3 Sous toutes réserves, selon le diagnostic et la prescription médicale.