Compression socks with or without a zipper?

It's difficult to know whether compression socks with or without a zipper are best. While a zipper may make it easier to put the socks on, it is not the same as a carefully calibrated compression sock.

Here are 3 good reasons to choose compression socks without a zipper


Among the many reasons to choose compression socks without a zipper, there are three that EC3D can’t overlook:

  1. Their high-performance and multi-use design.
  2. Their circular stitching for a unique three-dimensional engineered compression.
  3. Their unparalleled comfort.
 High-Performance EC3D Compression Socks Compression Socks with a Zipper
  1. Multi-purpose design :
  • improves sports performance;
  • decreases recovery time;
  • facilitates venous return and relieves pain associated with heavy legs; 
  • Helps injury prevention and promotes healing.
  1. Restricted usage design:
  • diminishes symptoms of heavy legs due to bad blood flow; 
  • prevents or reduces swelling after a medical procedure or an injury.
  1. Circular stitching:
  • stitching geared for targeted compression (calf and shin);  
  • compression panels with distinctive graduated zones;

     2. Regular stitching:

  • stitching without targeted zones, uniform compression from heel to calf.
  1. Comfort :
  • stretches and moulds like a second skin
  • seamless;
  • Can be worn for long periods of time (at work, before or after physical activity and on vacation);
  1. Comfort :
  • socks with less elasticity ;
  • compression without support for specified zones;



Make an informed choice: opt for calibrated compression


EC3D leads the pack when it comes to calibrated compression socks (20-25 mmHg in active phase and 25-30 mmHg in recovery). They are designed using the same three-dimensional engineering technology as our compression garments.

Therefore, their function extends beyond improving blood flow:

  • They promote the elimination of toxins after physical activity for a faster and less painful recovery (aches);
  • They offer superior and more dynamic compression to the calf region, essential for minimizing the risk of cramps or pain due to periostitis or muscle strain;
  • They stabilize the muscles from the foot to the calf and provide increased support for the arch of the foot and the Achilles tendon;

An essential: medical grade compression socks!


Important! Talk to a specialist before purchasing medical grade compression socks. A compression sock with a zipper is a little easier to put on, but it will not be as comfortable and may not have the same support to help you with foot, heel or calf pain. However, medical grade compression socks may be a requirement following surgery to prevent or reduce swelling of the area.

Check out the manufacturer's website, their expertise and do some research on their various suppliers. Look for suppliers from the health sector, as they will likely have a higher quality product.

EC3D guarantees the quality of its compression garments and socks. Plus our range of orthopedic products is reimbursed by the majority of private insurances and by the RAMQ, the SAAQ and the CNESST. They are also certified by Health Canada and the FDA as a class 1 medical device.