As we are experiencing a very high volume of requests, we have gathered several answers to common questions, if your email concerns a request whose answer is below, we will not do any additional follow-up. Please read it… if not, we will be happy to answer you within 48 to 72 hours.

Orders are processed within 1-2 working days.

1- We must limit orders on our website each day due to the quantity that we can process with our team in place. This difficult decision was made to speed up order processing and minimize your wait time. If you cannot place an online order for our masks, we invite you to subscribe to the alerts; when masks are available again you will receive an alert (see details on the product page of our website).

2- Unfortunately we cannot modify an order already placed, to add items, you will have to place a new order. Please note that we cannot guarantee that your orders will ship together due to the high volume.

3- We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by our carriers. Indeed, UPS and / or Canada Post have shortfalls in their deliveries caused by the current situation of the covid-19 (lack of personnel, excess of delivery etc.). We are in daily communication with them, but it is really beyond our control. If we could deliver the orders ourselves but we are, like you, dependent on them.

4- We cannot take any orders over the phone. You must place your order online.

5- The masks are pale gray / white color as presented on our site, there is no choice of color or choice of size. We have introduced a mask for kids.

6- There is no tracking # for orders with shipping costs of $ 2.50. These orders are shipped in an envelope with a stamp. This shipping option is no longer available for new orders due to longer delivery delays.


Thank you for your understanding.
Your customer service EC3D ninjas