How to choose the EC3D collection that fits your needs?

All of our compression garment collections enjoy common benefits, while offering distinctive advantages. Our compression garments are: 

  • seamless for ultimate comfort, reducing the risk of skin irritation;
  • made with a light but resistant fabric, controlling humidity and eliminating bad odors;
  • reducing inflammation and muscle pain;
  • have targeted and independently calibrated compression zones for a perfect fit.

Here are our different categories:

Compression 3D Pro 

Multi-sport, increased stability, alignment and support of major muscle chains. The choice of our professional and injured athletes returning to play. Performance, endurance and power.


Multi-sport, perfect compression and alignment for everyday athletes.


Collection approved for use during NHL games. Designed to play field hockey! Be a better version of yourself and play longer!


To wear after physical effort for a few hours to eliminate toxins and reduce recovery time. Can also be worn while traveling (plane or car). Many of our top athletes even sleep in it! Get back in the game faster, fresh and ready to go!


Therapeutic support to promote healing of an injury. Improves mobility, decreases inflammation and helps reduce pain.

Thermal BHOT

Multisport, especially for winter sports. Merino wool keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Meriboo compression socks (15-20mmHg) are a new style, made with bamboo and merino wool.


Our non-compressive clothes (Yummy, Versa...) can be added to our EC3D compression products as an extra option for your daily life.