How can a compression shirt help you have better posture?

Each collection of EC3D compression tops is perfectly calibrated to its purpose: performance, recovery or injury recovery.

What is the purpose of compression shirts? 

Compression shirts play an important role in postural alignment. It is well known that better posture makes every movement more efficient and helps prevent upper body injuries. 

Better blood circulation

Compressing the muscles effectively improves the blood flow in the upper layers of the muscle. Not only does this ensure better oxygenation of the muscle, but also a more efficient venous return. The main benefits of oxygenation of the muscle are directly reflected in its performance, so you improve your performance. As for the venous return, its improvement ensures a better ability to recover after the effort.

Wearing your compression shirt during and after exercise will bring about clear gains that you will be able to feel during your workouts.

Better comfort 

Using a compression shirt provides you with an undeniable comfort. Your shirt is perfectly molded to your body, giving you unrestricted freedom of movement.

By being close to the skin, the compression shirt reduces the risk of overheating and chafing. Finally, unlike cotton, the new fibers wick away moisture quickly and therefore offer much greater comfort and avoid the unpleasant sensation of something sticky and wet on the skin when sweating.

Today, compression tank tops can be used in weightlifting, fitness, cardio training, trail running, and for all running activities in general. EC3D compression garments are soft and lightweight, and provide a "second skin" effect, thanks to our seamless technology that reduces friction areas.

What is the difference between a long sleeve, short sleeve or sleeveless shirt?

Compression tops with sleeves are recommended for all activities that involve the shoulders and arms. Whether it's the compression top sleeveless, short sleeve or long sleeve 3D Pro and CompressGo shirts, you'll get added support to the core. This core compression naturally stretches your back and provides an immediate and noticeable shaping effect. If you choose a long sleeve compression shirt, you will feel the compression all along the arms; better blood circulation and less pain in the forearms (arm pumping). The short sleeve shirt will ensure optimal posture at the level of the shoulders and a straight back. A compression top optimizes your movements and your posture, for more precision during your activity. You'll appreciate the freedom of movement, the absence of seams for comfort and the benefits of improved performance and speed of recovery.

Discover our BHOT collection in merino wool

The compression of the torso stabilizes your movements and the lumbar zone pulls the shoulders back to straighten them and correct bad postures. All of this is enhanced with Merino wool in the BHOT collection to keep you warm during your outdoor activity.

With the addition of Merino wool to the compression shirt, you'll stay warm and dry all day long. The secret of merino wool is in its fine fibers. Merino wool is the softest wool. It also offers greater elasticity than other wools, which will help maintain the original shape of the sweater.