Eliminate Hip Pain with our 3D Pro Compression Tights

Do you have hip pain or groin pain? Does it occur when you lie down and extend to the sciatic nerve? So how do you relieve hip pain? By combining the recommendations of a health expert with 3D compression shorts.


How can EC3D's 3D pro compression short help you?

We understand that you don’t want hip pain to prevent you from doing physical activities such as sports.

Our 3D pro compression shorts have been designed and manufactured to stabilize, align and secure the hip joint in an optimal position, even in the context of contact or high-intensity sports.  Plus, the shorts are not only for high-level athletes, they are also ideal for walkers, hikers and those with groin or hip pain.

Our garment has been designed to improve performance, endurance and even power.  It also plays a very important role in injury prevention and in the speed of recovery.

Details about our compression garments

With calibrated compression at 15 to 20 mmHg, the 3D pro compression tight, like our other compression garments, are seamless for increased comfort and have specific reinforced compression zones, particularly in the groin and femoral head. 

The 3D pro compression shorts will not only help you heal but also prevent risk of injury and offer faster recovery if an injury does occur. They reduce pain and muscle inflammation by removing lactic acid and by maximizing blood flow for better muscle oxygenation.